Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Radio show shames adulturers

Womanisers and man-eaters all over Soweto in South Africa now live in fear of being exposed on a popular weekly show called Cheaters... Two women sit in a darkened studio glaring at each other. Mpho Nanazo, the wronged wife, is furious. She says that she's been left at her home night after night with her small son, while her partner, Veli, has been having an affair with a schoolgirl... The "schoolgirl" is actually a 21-year-old in a track suit and a ponytail... She doesn't seem very repentant and answers questions in a sulky monotone... Ten minutes into the show, all hell breaks loose when Mpho calls the younger woman a slut and slaps her hard across the face... As security guards separate the women, Veli, the man they are fighting over, sits silently examining his fingernails... Scenes like this are broadcast every Thursday night on one of South Africa's best-known community radio stations, Jozi FM... Based in Soweto, the station grew out of the struggles against apartheid and was first granted a licence nearly a decade ago... Today it is the focal point of this Johannesburg suburb of two million people. Jozi is the place where residents can make their voices heard on issues like education, fighting corruption and street crime...

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